Gelatin application/Gelatin

Know about gelatin?What is gelatin?What is the use of gelatin?

● 100% natural, safe and healthy products with multiple uses.
● It is a light yellow to white, transparent and shiny, non-impurity particles.
● It is a hydrolyzed product of collagen. It is a fat-free high protein, without cholesterol. It is a natural nutrient-adsorbed high-grade glue and food thickener.
● Gelatin's protein is rich in 18 amino acids, 7 are essential amino acids. The content of water and inorganic salts is less than 14%, and protein content is more than 86%.
● Soluble in hot water, insoluble in cold water, but it can slowly expand and soften by absorbing water. Gelatin can absorb water equivalent to 5-10 times of its weight.


Pharmaceutical gelatin has a wide range of uses in the pharmaceutical industry.

Gelatin is a natural jelly which melts naturally at body temperature (37°C). Gelatin is widely used as a gelling agent, coating agent, stabilizer, water-fixing agent, plasticizer, nutrient regulator and bone joint material in the pharmaceutical industry. Its unparalleled biocompatibility, biosafety, assimilable metabolism in the human body and other excellent properties, which can not be completely replaced by other materials in the pharmaceutical industry. At present, it is mainly used for hard capsules, soft capsules, plasma substitutes, medical fabrics (implants), artificial bones, and coatings.


The gelatin that our company sells is granule or powder.It should avoid high temperature/humidity environment. The most suitable temperature is below 35°C, the air temperature is below 70°C and store it in well-closed containers.

Edible gelatin is a fat-free high protein without cholesterol.

Edible gelatin (Gelatin) is a hydrolyzed product of collagen. It is a fat-free high protein without cholesterol. It is a natural nutrient-type food thickener that does not make people become fat after eating. Gelatin is also a powerful protective colloid, which has strong emulsifying power. After entering the stomach, it can inhibit the coagulation of milk, soy milk and other proteins due to the action of stomach acid, which is beneficial to food digestion.

Gelatin can be used as: 1.Gelata : gel candy 2.Thickener: filling candy 3.Inflatable agent: inflatable candy 4.Adhesive: sugar paste, licorice 5.Stabilizer: anti-crystallization 6.Coating Layering agent: coating of praline icing, chewing gum 7.Emulsifier: fruity toffee

Candy gelatin has a lower viscosity and a higher isoelectric point.

Gelatin can be used alone or in combination with other colloids in the production of confectionery. It is widely used in the production of gel candies, liquor core sugar, yogurt ingot sugar, licorice sugar, fruit flavored Swiss sugar and other products. The characteristics and use of gelatin are very diverse. In the production of confectionery, its gelling properties and thermal plasticity are mainly used. As a protein, thermo-reversible properties are characteristic of gelatin, which allows the sugar liquid to be gelled when it cools, melted when it is heated.This is the most important characteristic of gelatin and it is also the most widely using property in the production of confectionery. According to the different characteristics of gelatin, its main role in candy production is also different.

First, it makes the candy to be rich in elastic and comfortable unique taste; Second, it can be quickly dissolved in a high concentration; Third, it is compatible with most other stabilizers; Fourth, it has a good changed temperature reversibility; V. It makes the customer's product easily reprocessed.

Gelatin for soft capsuleGelatin for soft capsule is made to a single-layer, highly sealed capsule.

Soft capsules are a form of packaging for capsules and are commonly found in medicines or health foods. It is a capsule made by sealing a liquid drug or a liquid fruit drug in a soft packaging material. The material of soft capsule is made by using gelatin, glycerin or other suitable pharmaceutical excipients with different proportions. At present, the most widely using fields of gelatin soft capsules are medicines, vitamins, nutritional products and cosmetics. Due to the gelling properties, water-solidity, cohesiveness, and solubility characteristics of pharmaceutical gelatin, it can be well applied to the production of the shell of soft capsule .

Due to the gelling properties, water-solidity, cohesiveness, and solubility characteristics of pharmaceutical gelatin, it can be well applied to the production of the shell of soft capsule .

Gelatin for hard capsulesGelatin for hard capsules dissolves quickly, reliably, and safely.

Gelatin hollow capsules are composed of caps and body capsule shells which are made of medicinal gelatin and other ingredients. It is mainly used for containing the drugs. Because of its many properties, such as its gelling properties, water-solidity, cohesiveness, and solubility, it can be well used in the production of hard capsules.

Gelatin hollow capsules have a long and slender shapes and are easy to swallow. They are the most popular dosage forms for consumers. In addition, capsules can effectively cover up the uncomfortable taste and odor of the contents, and truly achieve the medicines are not bitter. Capsules can hold a variety of powders, liquids, semi-solids, and tablets. In addition, capsules have a good bioavailability, because the capsules dissolve quickly, reliably and safely.