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Gelatin for marshmallows

Gelatin for marshmallows

Gelatin can be used alone or in combination with other colloids in the production of confectionery. It is widely used in the production of gel candies, liquor core sugar, yogurt ingot sugar, licorice sugar, fruit flavored Swiss sugar and other products. The characteristics and usage of gelatin are very diverse. In the production of confectionery, its gelling properties and thermal plasticity are mainly used. As a protein, thermo-reversible properties are characteristic of gelatin, which makes the sugar liquid to be gelled when it cools and melted when it is heated.This is the most important characteristic of gelatin and it is also the most widely using property in the production of confectionery. According to the different characteristics of gelatin, its main role in candy production is also different.

First, it makes the candy to be rich in elastic and comfortable unique taste;

Second, it can be dissolved quickly under high concentration conditions;

Third, it is compatible with most other stabilizers;

Fourth, it has a good variable temperature reversibility;

Fifth, it makes the customer's products to be reprocessed easily.