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The "versatility" of gelatin


There is an important player in the soft candy. It can be a gelling agent, a stabilizer, a emulsifier, a thickener or a foaming agent. It is a "versatile" gelatin that gives food a more rich taste, texture and appearance.

Gelatin has many excellent chemical and physical properties, so it is widely applied in many fields, such as edible gelatin, medicinal gelatin and industrial gelatin. Next, we will come to understand the "versatility" of gelatin in the food industry.

First of all, gelatin is a gelling agent, which can form a thermo reversible gel with water, and other kinds of jelly will become more elastic and chewed easily. It is also widely used in confectionery industry and canned meat, ham sausage, meat jelly and other foods.

Gelatin or stabilizer is used to stabilize the foam while producing foam. So that other substances are evenly distributed without precipitation or sedimentation. It can be used in meat products to make the fat form the emulsion, making thick soup thick and not greasy, easy to digest and nutritious. It also prevents the formation of ice crystals and reduces the melting rate of foods, such as ice cream.

Edible gelatin is also widely used as a whipping agent, easy to use, simple, a large number of foam and can be maintained for a long time, is a good food foaming agent, can be used to make cotton candy and so on. It can also be used as adhesive. Edible gelatin is used to help the bonding and shaping of the candy and cake that we usually eat.