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Pharmaceutical gelatin

Pharmaceutical gelatin

Pharmaceutical gelatin is an animal glue produced by extracting collagen from connective tissues such as animal skin, bone, tendon and ligament.

Gelatin contains 18 kinds of amino acid proteins that are indispensable for the human body. It has a wide range of uses in medicines and health foods: Special foods: Health food additives for babies, malnourished children, patients with lung diseases and diabetes, and high fever patients. Therapeutic effect: Gelatin is a hemostatic, and an antidote of iodine and vitriol poisoning. Raw materials for medicinal soft and hard capsules: In the production of tablets and pills, it plays an role as binders and batching agents. Gelatin dressings: raw materials for gelatin sponges.

Gelatin's gel properties, water-solidity, adhesiveness and solubility, as well as its chemical purity, make the gelatin widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. The most important applications are making hard capsules, soft capsules, and plasma and coatings and so on.