Your trusted partner for gelatin and collagen solutions

Why FNP?

FNP is one of the leading manufacturers of collagen and gelatin products for the food, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals industries.
FNP works with some of the largest names across these markets. We ensure that manufacturers are able to go about their business in the safe knowledge that their ingredients have been produced to the highest standards.

Our state of the art cGMP factory can produce the highest grade gelatin and collagen products at any scale

How can we help you?

As a process driven company, we know the way to work. And when you come to creating new products we’ll be there with you step by step.
Step 1: Understand your needs
Step 2: Sample Development
Step 3: Price Fixing and Batch Sampling
Step 4: Deliver compliant product to your specified location fast.


FNP holds 14 manufacturing process patents for which we are most proud
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