Making functional ingredients applied across industry


FNP is your first choice for great value, high quality edible gelatin for the food industry. Our products have multiple uses and we exactly match your requirements dependent upon your own recipes.

FNP gelatin delivers a multitude of functional benefits for confectionery. It famously delivers amazing gelling properties much valued by our customers.
Our gelatin naturally forms a highly stable foam when whipped correctly, greatly valued for super aerated products like marshmallow. It’s 100% natural giving you a clean label.
FNP gelatin is a clear product ideally suited to creating confectionery products that not only look great but also deliver your market the best in taste and texture.
Dairy and desserts
We know your dairy and desserts depend upon great texture. And, great taste or not, you know your products won’t make it to market without great gelatin. That’s why FNP gelatin is used in the leading sector products: jelly, mousse, whipped cream, yogurts, flans, tarts and much more!
Meats and glazes
In order to enhance the look, taste and stability of a wide range of deli products FNP gelatin is on hand to make your products truly shine. We can help you your range of meat and glazed offerings: full glazes, cooking glazes, top glazes, fillings and aspic.
Sugar-free collagen gummies
Today, customers are looking for fresh ways to ingest their protein and what better way than functional gummies which taste and feel great? And now sugar free versions are arriving to offer consumers an alternative way to manage their weight. By using high quality FNP gelatin you’ll get a great in-mouth experience which makes consumers come back time and time again.


Hard and soft capsules
FNP gelatin is a naturally great coating product for hard and soft capsules. Our gelatin is impervious to oxygen and therefore your active ingredients remain stable longer
With a near perfect melting point our FNP gelatin is well suited to capsules for oral consumption. In fact, no other hydrocolloid can meet the same level of performance as our gelatin. It’s all clean label too!
FNP gelatin is both a great binding and coating agent for protecting active ingredients. Through its emulsifying properties microcapsules are formed naturally. Great solubility improves point of use delivery.
Our involvement in pharmaceutical applications doesn’t finish there. We have solutions for tablets, surgical obturators, haemostatic sponges, ostomy bags and more.


The nutraceuticals market is in its infancy as the public starts to understand the benefits of functional food options. FNP can help you deliver great added value for your neutraceutical range of products.

FNP collagen peptides
Collagen is actually the main structural protein found in many animals including humans. We extract it with care. As a natural process, adults start to lose collagen from their mid-twenties onwards. This affects their joint and skin health.
FNP collagen offers a solution for this deterioration. Being natural, our collagen can deliver well directed benefits. Regular doses in adults can replenish bodies meaning a healthier aging process and general all round well-being.
Beauty products
As we grow older our skin becomes weak, a sign of the aging process. Cell renewal slows and our natural collagen is depleted. Studies now show that the regular intake of collagen can improve skin condition and even help protect from UV light.
FNP can help you offer bigger benefits to your customer base.
Joint health
Common musculoskeletal disorders like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and sarcopenia are associated with aging. FNP peptides help to maintain joint mobility. As knowledge becomes more widespread then the market for functional foods helping to slow the aging process will grow rapidly.
Weight management
Now a topic of hot debate, obesity is an increasingly general problem. Maintaining a healthy weight is a priority for many consumers, indeed, also for governments.
Your customers are now looking for food and beverage products which deliver a functional benefit for weight loss. Not only that but they want it seamlessly taken within their hectic lives. FNP collagen peptides can act as an effective and natural weight management solution.

Technical applications for gelatin

Gelatin is one of the most versatile ingredients and many of our customers are surprised how it can be used. Welcome to FNP Technical Products, applications used because gelatin is translucent, colorless, able to gel, creates foam, emulsifies, is biodegradable and has binding functionality. FNP produces a series of high-quality gelatins for technical applications in both type A and type B products. Examples include: Photographic applications, micro-encapsulation, electrochemical plating, gluing, binding amongst others.

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