A way of life

Led by well-known Polymer Materials specialist, we have no less than 12 qualified staff working on gelatin and collagen projects. Our team’s professionalism and innovation allows FNP to make discoveries for which other ingredients companies are envious.


In order to reduce lead times and achieve better results our technical experts work hand-in-hand with our customers. We do our best to tailor our expertise to find answers to the questions you have.
We facilitate the use of our products into your application. Furthermore we joint develop new products and help you get them into your market faster and more successfully.
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The science we use

The development of new products goes hand-in-hand with the design of appropriate production processes. Our scientists and engineers have made important contributions through their innovative approach to process. It’s the backbone of our success since product innovation is essential to our business. It dictates whether we survive or not.

Non-stop we do all we can to continually improve our products and furthermore develop new products in the fields of gelatins and other collagen-based arena.

Next-generation products

Through our R&D we develop the coming generation of products and technologies. We are constantly finding new solutions bringing increased advantages to our customers and their consumers.
At FNP we’re in touch with the world’s leading regulatory bodies too. Regulations have a major impact on the gelatin and collagen industry. We closely follow the current regulations so are able to advise our clients accordingly.

Caring for the planet

We believe in the sustainable economy and do what we can to make our operations both energy efficient and clean. We carry a sense of responsibility and constantly streamline production processes. Through the supply chain we responsibly source safe, traceable, and high-quality raw materials and we search for new ways to reduce our footprint.
Responsibility in our factory production includes reducing water use and energy consumption, managing waste effectively and sourcing responsibly.

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