Customer Process

Stage 1
After initial contact FNP will develop an understanding of the client’s gelatin/collagen requirements mindful of any intellectual property that may be confidential. We’ll build up a technical brief based upon either the client’s current product or future product requirements: current specifications, actual functional properties, product interactions, product constraints, optimal outcomes, current known alternatives etc.
Stage 2
Sample development
We’ll develop gelatin/collagen samples in tandem with the commercial constraints of the project. We take the replica product requirements and develop a closest match sample. For new developments we’ll recommend how our products are best used and, based upon close dialogue, send samples for your own final product.
Dependent upon the success of the final outcome then we’ll understand your feedback and remodel as necessary.
Stage 3
Price fixing and batch sampling
Once the formula is fixed we are able to confirm all commercial aspects and move to any required batch sampling. During upscale the customer will feedback any discrepancies from the batch process. FNP adapt as necessary.
Stage 4
Order process established with certification, internal QA systems. Arrangement shipping requirements and dates of all logistics including import/export documentation and regulation compliance.
Manufacturing process
Deion & Concentrate
Chilling & Drying
Packaging & Shipping
Raw materials need to first be freed of fat and minerals. Two methods are used depending upon the different raw material and also the intended application.
1. Alkaline process
Bovine tissue is pre-treated with an alkaline solution for a period of time which results in a change of collagen structure. Then the gelatin becomes soluble (in warm water) and can be separated out.
2. Acid process
Porcine tissue is not densely interconnected and gelatin extraction is possible after 24 hours of acid treatment. This is followed by a process of neutralisation and then rinsing out of salts.
Pre-treated materials are mixed with potable hot water and then extracted in a staged process. The temperature of the water is important for gel strength and the lower the temperature of the water, then the higher the gel strength.
Extracted solutions have traces of fat and fibres removed in our state of the art separators. The finest particles are removed through filtration and then the gelatin has its calcium, sodium and residual acids/salts removed.
Using a high performance vacuum evaporation system the gelatin solution is thickened.
These solutions are cooled, sterilized, set and dried in hygienic conditions. Quality and purity is assured through effective quality controls in the FNP laboratory.

Process driven R&D

In order to reduce lead times and achieve better results our technical experts work hand-in-hand with our customers. We do our best to tailor assistance to find answers to the questions you have.
We’ll facilitate the use of our products into your application, joint develop new products with you, and furthermore help you get your products into your market faster and more successfully.

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