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Specialists in Gelatin and Collagen

We offer the widest range of products to match your specific formulation requirements. Our products are available in various bloom strengths, particulate sizes, endotoxin levels and graded as per your needs.
FNP gelatin and collagen are sourced naturally including bovine porcine origins. And don’t forget we have Kosher and Halal options too!

Gelatin and collagen together functional

Natural and biocompatible. Mix easily with other biopolymers found in body.
Safe and natural ingredient available in different grades. Found in foods like bone broth or gelatin-based desserts. Solubility, absorption and digestibility levels vary according to grade.
GRAS identified as safe by FDA.
Non-immunogenic with obvious advantages.
Ability to be functionally customizable, popular with food designers.

Come to understand our edible gelatins

FNP have two main types of edible gelatin; Type A (Acid) and Type B (Alkaline) dependent upon your needs. It too is extracted from animal bones and skin, most often beef and pork.
Gelatin will dissolve in warm water and jellify when cooled. Due to its gelling, foaming, emulsifying and binding functionalities, gelatin is most often use in food like in gummies, candies, jellies etc.

And we have specialized pharma gelatins too

FNP markets a special range of pharmaceutical gelatins designed to deliver biocompatibility, biodegradability, controlled endotoxin levels, and batch-to-batch consistency. They are cGMP ready and fully documented to support medical device compliance with ISO standards and support FDA regulations.
Gelatin must meet the specifications of the pharmacopeia; conductivity, gel strength, zinc content, pH, loss on drying, microbiological limits, etc.

A deeper look at collagen peptides

We make our collagen peptides by reducing the large collagen molecules into a series of different smaller parts – the peptides. These peptides are characterized by high levels of the amino acids together with glycine, proline and hydroxyproline.
At FNP we have a multitude of solutions and many types. However, the commonly used collagen peptides are Type I and Il. Come talk to us about how our graded series of collagens can be used in your formulations.

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